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Clock is Ticking Down…

Final Week I really cannot believe that I only have one more full day here in Seville. Mannah and I woke up this morning and talked about how quickly these last three weeks have gone by. I'll definitely save my last post to get into the emotional, cheesy reminiscing, but for now, I'll give a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Focus on the Weekend…

A Short Week #2 While Monday's can definitely drag, the promise of a short week and long weekend made this past one not so bad. Spanish Studies Abroad only scheduled us to have class until Thursday this week before releasing us on a 4-day weekend during which we were free to do whatever we wanted!... Continue Reading →

Week One is in the Books

Affectionately Dubbed: "Western Heritage in Real Life" The end of this week was full of adventure. This past Thursday, some of the professors from the Centro Norteamericano took all of the study abroad students on a trip to Itálica (an ancient Roman ruins site) to explore and learn a little bit about the people and... Continue Reading →

The Superior Summer School

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but during my first few days in Sevilla, I completely forgot about the study aspect of "study abroad". However, I must say, going to class in such a beautiful city definitely softens the blow when you have to wake up and go to summer school. The Language and... Continue Reading →

Opening Weekend

Me encanta Sevilla. Estoy cansada, pero es un buen tipo de "cansada". I honestly don't think I've ever experienced a weekend so tiring yet so fun all at once! First Full (emphasis on the "full") Day Yesterday Mannah and I started our weekend with a two-hour walking tour of Sevilla from 11am until 1pm. We... Continue Reading →

I made it!

Hello from Spain!!! After 4 airports, 3 flights, and 2 trips through customs, I'm officially in Sevilla. It is absolutely gorgeous here, and I am so excited for these next 3 weeks. When I walked up to the check-in kiosk at O'Hare and saw that my first flight to Boston had been delayed, I'll admit... Continue Reading →

The Countdown Continues…

Officially one week away from my departure! The weather back here in Naperville has reached the 80's, and the sun has finally decided to shine. I'm just now getting accustomed to this summer heat, so dropping in to the 90°+ temperatures of Seville will definitely be a little bit of a shock to my system.... Continue Reading →

Ten Days Away!

It’s almost time... In 10 short days I will be pulling up to Chicago’s O’Hare airport to begin my journey to Spain!  I am so excited for my three-week adventure abroad this summer. I just received my housing information today, and I spent most of the morning on Google Maps digitally exploring Seville to try... Continue Reading →

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